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"Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadow."

Did I mention I love lots of World artists? Nomad is one of my old favorites, and if you've any interest, I highly suggest their first album, self-titled as "Nomad", as I understand the second album wasn't so great (quite a common thing, unfortunately). You can get it for around $6 new or used on It's sort of a mix between house and traditional Australian Aboriginal; gotta love that didgeridoo! For some reason, it always makes me smile. The above line is from the song "Follow the Sun", and one of the few English lyrics; most are Aboriginal.

Hmm, I'm suddenly reminded of one of my old nicknames, a word in Aboriginal that my ex in Australia gave me, "Wadti" (pronounced wad-dee). I forget the exact meaning, but it's something along the lines of "the time of waiting before the coming of the Dream" or some such. I used to use that nick online, though it's been awhile. Kinda miss it. What with all the self-recovery I've been doing, I may just do so. Names are funny like that, particularly the ones we choose online, as they can hold a deeper meaning and gain an association as time goes on. As much as I love the autumn season, I must admit that it has, for me, become greatly associated with my depression.

Words are funny like that; one thing often implies another based on use. I was speaking with a non-furry friend of mine the other day just about that, regarding the word "furry". The word really just means "someone interested in anthropomorphic animal characters, or the characters themselves", but has come to take on all sorts of other meanings. Unfortunately, there are enough vocal individuals in the furry fandom to warrant some of those negative connotations. While I pretty am open-minded, I really don't feel part of the furry fandom as it currently exists. Maybe its grown too large, maybe people have lost respect for one another; I'm sure there's lots of reasons. In any case, I think I'm going to now consider myself not-furry, at least until I sort out some things in my mind. I was foxy long before I was furry anyway and besides, the fox stereotype really, really annoys me.

(Hmm, maybe one day I'll explain the reason why I've used "moonheart" in my LJ name. That's an old story, of which only one other person knows.)

Eh, but it's a label, and what's in a name? People have a tendency to prejudge anyway, even without such things. Human nature I suppose. That, or just a need to try to boost their own egos at the expense of others. I fully believe that humanity's true nature is neither good nor evil, but merely selfish. Think about it, even if you try to be a "good" person, you probably do it so you feel good inside, which still comes down to selfishness, though not in a bad way. I never said being selfish had to be "bad" after all. :) I care deeply about others, even those I don't know very well, and try my best to help where I can because it makes my life feel like it has meaning of some sort. Without that, I'd probably have lost my mind long ago. Oh wait! 8>

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