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Didgeridoo, and others too!

Okay, I've been listening to this Nomad CD too much. *chuckles* I'm seriously thinking of getting a didgeridoo. Why? Because they're so @#$%ing cool! XD Seriously though, they're a very interesting woodwind, with a very interesting sound.. almost like a stringed instrument. Besides, though folks don't know this, I have a thing for the instruments of indigenous peoples. I've rainsticks, a Native American flute, and a moosehide drum that I made in a workshop with a Native friend of mine, many years ago. I really got to get that drum fixed as the ring is cracked. The ring was designed for deerskin, not moosehide, so I'm not terribly surprised. Still, I miss playing it; it had a very deep and powerful beat to it that always made me feel "connected". At the very least, I should play my wooden flute more. The Native American who built it forged it from a piece of driftwood he found, which is very reminiscent of my own wandering life that I'm still trying to shape.

Interestingly enough, Tibble wants a shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese woodwind. Maybe we should start a band, hehe!

Okay, I'm off.. more later!

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