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A full day, then... nothing.

First off, Happy Bunny Day! (Yes, fundies make me sick, regardless of faith.)

Yesterday was interesting. After work, I actually managed to sleep for a few hours, before waking up and going about my daily routine, which generally consists of getting cleaned up then sitting on my computer out of sheer boredom.

Around noonish, EddieCoon called, so I my Volvo over to his place, to work on the belts and such. We then took off with Mikori, Pardis (who is down visiting) and FuzzyBaloo to Vertical Horizons, a great place for wall-climbing, which I recently took up. Fuzzy hates hights though, so just took piccies. I'll get some up once they're developed.

After climbing, we all went over to Tibor's, where BrunBera, LoboWolf and Wolfus already were. There, we had pizza and watched an episode of Futurama (Anthology of Interest II, very funny!) before heading back out again to Eddie's place to game for a few hours. Strange, I thought. This is the most I've done in a very long time.

Earlier, I had to leave my Volvo at home so my mate Tibble could get to work. So, I was essentially stuck over at Eddie's. I missed my meds yesterday, so (and yes, I should have known better) I had all sorts of bad dreams and kept tossing and turning all night. I finally decided to get up and got online (out of bordom, again). It's almost noon as I type, and, well, I'm feeling quite bored, among other things.

I really want to do something today. Tibble's still sleeping though, or otherwise I'd really like to spend time with him. Eddie and Mikori don't seem up to much just yet as they've only recently awoken. Suddenly, I also have a strong interest in working on a fursuit, though I must admit that I feel very incompetant in that regard.

I guess, the whole point of this is, I'm feeling exactly opposite of what I felt yesterday. I really want to do something, but, this being Easter Sunday, most things are closed (I hate most holidays...). I just really feel a need to.. DO something, to accomplish something. I feel a hole inside me that desperately needs filling, yet.. I honestly don't know what I need to fill that empty space.

Hmm, maybe I'm just overanalyzing things. I really need to stop thinking so much, really. I'm probably just worrying myself to death over mundane existance. I suppose, what I really want, is for my existanc to have some real purpose, which I have yet to find, and probably never will. I'm sure many of us get like that at times, so I'm not really complaining. I just wish I knew the answers I was looking for.. or even the question, for that matter.

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