Autumnfox (foxymoonheart) wrote,

Worst.. Song.. Ever.

At least, this is Blender's 50 Worst Songs of All Time. I borrowed this from mishicougar, whom I hadn't seen in several years. Anyway, here's my comments to each song. Songs in regular text, I either didn't care for or don't know. Songs that I like are in italic (decent), bold (likable), or both (I really like these). Oh, and for the record, I can definitely think of a few songs that are far, far worse than those on this list! So, keep in mind, it's all subjective. :)
  • 1. We Built This City ... Starship - Hey, I actually liked this song! Brings back good memories.
  • 2. Achy Breaky Heart ... Billy Ray Cyrus - Not something I generally care for, although when I used to line-dance (I've learned all kinds of dancing) it was great for that.
  • 3. Everybody Have Fun Tonight ... Wang Chung - It's definitely a fun song to sing or dance to or whatever, though not one for general listening.
  • 4. Rollin' ... Limp Bizkit - Never heard it. :/
  • 5. Ice Ice Baby ... Vanilla Ice - Hey, this guy stole the melody from Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure"!
  • 6. The Heart of Rock & Roll ... Huey Lewis and the News - Ah, the 80s, lots of memories there.
  • 7. Don't Worry, Be Happy ... Bobby McFerrin - Not something I'd listen to regularly, but it is a "feel good" song.
  • 8. Party All the Time ... Eddie Murphy - I don't remember this one.
  • 9. American Life ... Madonna - Another one I don't remember.
  • 10. Ebony and Ivory ... Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder - I really like the intent of this song, though it's not something I'd regularly listen to.
  • 11. Invisible ... Clay Aiken - New guy, isn't he? I don't know his work. Isn't he from American Idol or something? Don't watch that.
  • 12. Kokomo ... The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys always had a way of making me feel all happy inside, no idea why.
  • 13. Illegal Alien ... Genesis - I like Genesis's music, but I don't remember his one.
  • 14. From a Distance ... Bette Midler - We love you Ms. Midler! (I'm not gay! Er.. really! *sweet innocent look*)
  • 15. I'll Be There for You ... The Rembrandts - Story of my life...
  • 16. What's Up? ... 4 Non Blondes - No clue.
  • 17. Pumps and a Bump ... Hammer - Hmm, this from the guy formerly known as MC Hammer, who decided he hated doing "teeny-bopper" music?
  • 18. You're the Inspiration ... Chicago - Murr, Chicago. They make me cry though. :P
  • 19. Broken Wings ... Mr. Mister - I probably wouldn't listen to it often, but in some ways it's inspiring. I have to be in the mood, though.
  • 20. Dancing on the Ceiling ... Lionel Richie - I think it's okay.
  • 21. Two Princes ... Spin Doctors - I don't know this one
  • 22. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) ... Toby Keith - Country guy? American Idol? I've no clue.
  • 23. Sunglasses at Night ... Corey Hart - Breeze from the 80s again.
  • 24. Superman ... Five for Fighting - I really like this song. :P
  • 25. I'll Be Missing You ... Puff Daddy - Don't remember this one.
  • 26. The End ... The Doors - Hmm.. love the Doors, but I don't recall this song right now.
  • 27. The Final Countdown ... Europe - I used to sing this back in the Cold War days.. It's okay I guess; I like the melody.
  • 28. Your Body Is a Wonderland ... John Mayer - I don't know this one
  • 29. Breakfast at Tiffany's ... Deep Blue Something - Another okay song I guess.
  • 30. Greatest Love of All ... Whitney Houston - It's inspiring, but like "Broken Wings", I'd have to be in a mood to listen to it.
  • 31. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm ... Crash Test Dummies - Maybe I need to listen to more music, I don't remember a lot of these songs.
  • 32. Will 2K ... Will Smith - I don't know this one, but to quote the white intern (hired due to affirmative action) in the movie Undercover Brother, "I like Will Smith. He raps happy." LOL!
  • 33. Barbie Girl ... Aqua - Don't care for it, but I love both Rammstein's version (lyrics in German, yay!) as well as as Weird Al's parody, "Ugly Girl".
  • 34. Longer ... Dan Fogelberg - I don't know this one, but I do like some of Mr. Fogelberg's songs.
  • 35. Shiny Happy People ... R.E.M. - Okay, it's awful (odd,as I usually like R.E.M.), but I do like the intent behind it.
  • 36. Make Em Say Uhh! ... Master P featuring Silkk, Fiend, Mia-X and Mystikal - Who knows...
  • 37. Rico Suave ... Gerardo - I don't really care for it, but it is a fun song to sing, hehe!
  • 38. Cotton Eyed Joe ... Rednex - I actually liked it, got a good beat for a pseudo-country song.
  • 39. She Bangs ... Ricky Martin - Hmm.. not sure.
  • 40. I Wanna Sex You Up ... Color Me Badd - I never cared for it.
  • 41. We Didn't Start the Fire ... Billy Joel - Did you know Billy Joel once wanted to be a history teacher?
  • 42. The Sounds of Silence ... Simon & Garfunkel - All their songs are so sad, though! :(
  • 43. Follow Me ... Uncle Kracker - Rapper I think.. I don't care for rap usually. Unless it's MC Hawking! *chuckle*
  • 44. I'll Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) ... Meat Loaf - I heard this song (and saw the video) with my very first girlfriend. Oh, how this song brings back memories. I loved the video, too!
  • 45. Mesmerize ... Ja Rule featuring Ashanti - No idea. I think a lot of these songs are rather new, and as I don't listen to the radio much anymore, that's probably why I'm clueless.
  • 46. Hangin' Tough ... New Kids on the Block - Boy bands.. people picked on Milly Vanilla, but these guys are even more fake. :P
  • 47. The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You ... Bryan Adams - Hmm, I don't remember.
  • 48. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da ... The Beatles - Eh, I can think of many better Beatle's songs.
  • 49. I'm Too Sexy ... Right Said Fred - Along with "Rico Suave", another fun song to sing.. and so easy to parody!
  • 50. My Heart Will Go On ... Celine Dion - Quiet you Titanic haters! I think it's a beautiful (if sad) song.

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