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thefluffer is at it again...

Some folks might remember my reference to thefluffer in an old post of mine.

Seems he's at it again, claiming </a></b></a>runtt's music website as his own, and hence claiming the music there as his own.

I just sent </a></b></a>runtt an email about this. I have also made a post to furry_composers of which thefluffer is a member, probably using </a></b></a>runtt's music to order to gain some level of status there.

If you know </a></b></a>runtt, please do what you can to support him through this. If possible, follow up to my post on furry_composers to let the people there know the truth.

I've no idea what vendetta thefluffer has against </a></b></a>runtt, but I'm certain this can be resolved, one way or another.
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