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Another day

Well, that feeling I had yesterday is still with me, though not nearly as strong as before. I must admit, I'm feeling very depressed right now -- and that it would take very little to shatter this fragile eggshell of peace I have feigned around me -- and I'm really not sure why. Part of my mind is feeling that I really don't have many good friends, though I know that's not true; most of them just happen to live far away, and I rarely get to see them anymore these days. (I probably should quit IRC, as I'm sure that's part of what makes me depressed.) I think what I really need is a hiatus, a trip out somewhere to visit with those old friends, and, in general, just to be out of this place for awhile. There's an element of anger beneath my bones that I also feel brewing, yet the source of that I do not know. I suppose I'm just frustrated with myself, and as before, am having difficulty focusing clearly. Well, I can only hope tonight at work will go alright. I just am fearing the worst right now.

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