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Stolen from various people, a movie called "Helen", the story of a (deaf?) red fox saved by a little boy, and the friendship they came to share, is coming out apprently on March 18th. I sooo need to get my region-free DVD player working again. Pity I don't speak very much Japanese. I still want it though. ^.^

Edit: Found a few places to buy the DVD! Click here for a listing! You'll need something to translate though, if you can't read Japanese. :p

Edit #2: Found a link to the trailers for "Helen" if anyone is interested. Pick one based on your bandwidth: fast, medium, or slow.

Oh, someone actually created a community called permmembers for those of us silly enough to have purchased permanent LJ accounts, to mirror the official paidmembers group. I was informed about such by glowing_dragon, who replied to a very old comment of mine made to news. Go figure, hehe. Anyway, there's not much there yet, but then it is just starting.

Tags: foxes, livejournal, media
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