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Wow.  Just... wow.

I know someone is going to get all in a hissy fit for me over this, and I know there will be someone making further assumptions about my religious viewpoints, but I just had to post this.  The sheer idiocy level is absolutely shocking, and a few of these had me almost laughing out loud.  Of course, it's also quite scary that these posts are for real (yes, they are real, and most of the entries have links to the original posts).  I'm just very, very thankful to God -- in whatever way he (for lack of a better pronoun) might exist -- that these views don't represent all or even most Christians.

Follow this link only if you have a strong sense of humor.

Edit: Thanks to userinfoschnee for pointing out the LJ feed for this, fstdt.

Tags: dominionism, humor, religion, stupidity
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