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Thanks and Summer pics

Thank you, everyone who wished me a happy birthday, be it on your journal, comments to my posts, over IM, over the phone or in person.  *hugs*  It means a lots to me, it really does.  :)

I'll do a post about my birthday later, but for now, I wanted to share some gift art I received for my birthday.  Seems people are quite taken by Summer, as all the art I received was of her. *giggle*  Thank you so very much, all three of you who gave me these!  For the rest of you, enjoy!

This first piece was done by userinfocadpigjr.  He totally surprised me with this early birthday gift. ^.^  The outfit is based on one I made and often wear in Second Life, which you can view here.  Incidentally, Summer will hopefully have an outfit like that for this coming Anthrocon. ^.^

When I went to visit userinfoswift_fox on Wednesday, he gave me this photograph from my first visit with him, which he spotlighted in Photoshop.  I was really touched by this, and keep the photo up by my desk to remember our first meeting.

Some friends gave me a surprise visit for my birthday yesterday (more on this in my next post!), and userinfokiowolf was among them, giving me this picture he worked on the night before.  Really suits her flirty, mischievous nature, I think.

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