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Attn: Women

Because I feel it's very important to be aware of your own health and well-being, and what information may and may not be available to you:
Dr. Shaber tries hard to separate fact from fiction because, she says, "rumor and hearsay can start to seem real." In the past, she'd sometimes refer patients to government websites and printed fact sheets, or rely on those outlets to help create her own materials. Not anymore. "As a physician, I can no longer trust government sources," says Dr. Shaber. She is not a political activist or a conspiracy theorist; in addition to her own practice, she's Kaiser Permanente's director of women's health services for northern California and head of the HMO's Women's Health Research Institute. Yet this decidedly mainstream doctor and administrator says, "I no longer trust FDA decisions or materials generated [by the government]. Ten years ago, I would not have had to scrutinize government information. Now I don't feel comfortable giving it to my patients."
The article is extensive, but I feel it's an important read. I feel particularly bad for any woman who becomes a victim of rape in the near future, and I hope, no, I pray that the kind of misinformation and lack of compassion described in this article is eventually dealt with.

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