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Maine becomes 5th state to allow gay marriage

Holy snikies! Yesterday, Maine governor John Baldacci just signed the marriage equality bill into law, despite originally opposing it. I understand he eventually decided it was a matter of equality for all people, and specifically stated that it would not affect the practices of any religious denomination. His statement may be read here.

Having grown up in Maine, this makes me very proud of my old home. Thank you, Governor, for realizing that "separate but equal" is not acceptable in this day and age.

I just hope the tyranny of the majority does not take this right away, as I'm sure NOM and others are going to try to force this issue, along with their lies once again. So often, opponents of equality talk about how this would force all religions to accept and perform same-sex marriages -- among other lies -- which is completely untrue. If they're the so-called "moral majority", then why do they so often resort to outright lying?



Fuzz's brother gave her a CD, that someone had given to him: Life in Cartoon Motion, by Mika. I guess he didn't like the music, but she sure did, and she had me listen to some of the songs. I'd never heard of Mika before, but so far I'm enjoying his music.

This was the first song she showed me, a fun song if you like the dance genre. (And I swear, this video isn't from the director's cut of Yellow Submarine.)

His other songs aren't as much in the dance genre, but some are pretty. This fellow definitely has a range and a mix of styles. Some of the songs remind me of 80s pop. (Hey, I grew up in the 80s!)


The Times of Harvey Milk

Given the new movie Milk, plus the recent defeats of gay rights across the nation, here's a documentary of the political career and assasination of San Francisco's first openly gay district supervisor, Harvey Milk.

Note that there are eleven parts, and a slightly higher resolution version is available.

For residents of the USA, currently there's also a higher quality version available on Hulu, albeit with commercials.

I just finished watching this film, and it really touched something in me. I hope it will touch others, and help give them the courage to continue the fight for equality and understanding, for all people.

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Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day (December 8th)

Well, this is one I hadn't heard of before, but sounds hilarious.

You probably already know about International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but did you know about Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day?

The idea is to basically pretend you're a time traveler, from the past or a possible future (be it utopian or dystopian). There is, however, one catch: You can't directly tell anyone you're a time traveler!

My personal favorite technique: Walk up to random people and ask "What year is this?" When they tell you, get all quiet and then say, "Then there's still time!" before running off.

The fun starts on Monday, December 8th!

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Make at least one random person smile today. Not because you have to, but because you want to.

Make yourself smile today. Not because you have to, but because you need to.

Autumnfox mischief

Veteran's Day

Whether you supported the war or not; whether you are Republican or Democrat; whether you are black or white or anything else; we are still one nation and one people. To all the veterans who've served our country, who've kept us safe, who've defended our freedoms, and to the family of all who've served, and all who've suffered, I wish you all a very peaceful and pleasant Veteran's Day.
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Many folks know I'm a chocoholic.

Good thing I try to stick to dark chocolate more often than not these days, as apparently many of Hershey's candies no longer contain chocolate at all, but vegetable oil instead. (Um... eww!)

What's worse is, their labels have barely changed, so many won't notice the difference until they actually buy these products. What was once "chocolate" is now "chocolaty," "chocolate candy" or the like. More than a little deceptive, I'd say.

Last year, Hershey, Nestle, and several other big chocolate brands tried to get the FDA to allow them to package their fake chocolate as "chocolate," but thankfully consumer outrage convinced the FDA otherwise. Unfortunately, some of these brands are still going through with the product change. I'm sure others will do the same, given time, so be sure to read those ingredients!

You can read more about this in this article.

As for now, no more Hershey's for me!

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