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Leaves of Red and Gold

Harken the Perpetual Autumn

Active mainly at dusk and dawn, the stealthy autumnfox (Vulpes autumnus) stalks small prey with a sly grace and quick pounce. The autumnfox can be easily recognized by its similarity to the red fox yet with grey markings upon its forehead and lower back. Normally harmless to humans, the autumnfox has been known to be quite aggressive when provoked.

I tend to be very shy and quiet until I get to know a person. I'm always a loyal, caring friend and good listener to those who need it. If you'd like to know more about me, feel free to send an instant message!

Friends Only: The majority of my entries are set viewable only by friends.

New Friends: If you add me, please let me know! This makes it easier to add you back. :)

Freedom is diversity
Marriage is love

Bisexuality is not a phase
It has magnitiude and direction

Genitals do not determine identity
Anatomy is not destiny

I will not stand for this; everyone feels this pain.
Help in the struggle against bullying and harassment.
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